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Candidate #1 for Robin Hood

I’m hoping that this becomes a series on this blog… I’m looking for nominations. But to start it off… I love this guy. Warning, tons and tons and tons of F-bombs. But I gotta say… the idea of working my stress out with a baseball bat had not occurred to me. Might be a good place to start…

Waiting for Robin Hood

Every day, I read a little more about the financial crisis, and I get angry.

Every day, I read a little more about someone near me becoming homeless due to foreclosure, and I get angry.

Every day, I read another story about someone who has lost their job and can’t find another one, and I get angry.

Every day, I get closer to the end of my own unemployment benefits, and realize that the clock is ticking, while bankers and financiers make millions, billions, in bonuses for having done this to us.

And I wonder, where is Robin Hood?

I’m sure you remember the story. Robbed from the rich? Gave to the poor? Kept hope alive for the downtrodden when the upper class decided that bleeding the poor to death was the best way to finance themselves? Short guy, floppy hat, big bow and arrow?

So many folks thought Obama would save us. He hasn’t. He hasn’t even made a good start. Every single bailout has been for the rich; an increasing transfer of cash from the bottom to the top.

Every theoretical economist I can find out there sees civil war coming. Most of them see it coming by 2011 or so, when food and water and fuel and housing are no longer affordable for most Americans.

Most Americans. Did you read that? Most of us will be cold and hungry and on the streets, pretty much as soon as the first tax bill for the bailouts hits. Or just after that, when the business we work for collapses. Or when the business our neighbor works for collapses, which means he can’t pay his taxes, which means more of the bill comes to us… and strangely, none of it goes to them who got bailed out.

Will our generation provide us with a Robin Hood? Is there anyone out there brave enough, mad enough, dangerous enough, to take them on, and get a little back for the little guy?

Poossibly. Possibly not. But it’s a lot nicer than thinking about what I really think is going to happen, which is more like the French Revolution and less like Merry Olde England. I like arrows better than guillotines, and I like heroes better than bloodthirsty mobs. But if we can’t have one… hey… maybe we can have the other.