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Blog Action Day — The Power of We

I love blog action day. Gazillions of people all blogging about the same thing at the same time in different ways. It’s yummy.

This year, it’s “The Power of We.” and what better to blog about than breech birth?

No, seriously.

See, OBs have tried to make change in the birth climate, and they’ve failed. Midwives, medwives, friends of mid- and -medwives have tried to make change. Failed, failed, failed again. And I feel comfortable saying that because the cesarean rate is still climbing, women are still dying, Amnesty International thinks childbirth in the US is a human rights violation.

Change has got to come from us. From the Power of We.

My favorite example of that comes in the person of Robin Guy. Robin, at the helm of the Coalition for Breech Birth, is a powerhouse. With the help of her friends, her organization, and a formidable network, she’s organized two Breech Birth conferences, the last one of which got the SOGC to change its guidelines on breech birth, to recommend vaginal over cesarean.

Doctors publishing about this? Couldn’t get it changed. Midwives educating people about it? Couldn’t get it changed. We the Consumer of Health Services, got it changed, at least for Canada. This November 9-11, the Third International Breech Birth Conference will be being held in Washington, DC. Will ACOG show? Will they listen like the amazing Andre Lalonde of the SOGC did? Time will tell. But in the meantime, invite your careprovider, or anyone else who you think needs to know. Find a way to get there. Talk about it. Print out posters. Agitate. Because the Power of We can change anything we put our minds to. Count on it.

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