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Engaging with Texas

Part of the process of being in a new place is finding out what’s out there.

For unschoolers, this can look like chaos and flailing. In fact, it feels pretty much like chaos and flailing too. But with really neat discoveries thrown in.

For Rowan’s birthday, we went to the Museum of Natural Science, where they’ve just opened up a Hall of Paleontology that is beyond breathtaking. Instead of cruising through the whole museum in a day, like we usually do, we were stuck in the one hall, wandering around and staring at dinosaur bones and dioramas and reading and… it was fantastic. We went ahead and justified a membership just on the strength of doing the math, that paying to come back and see the rest of the place was going to cost more than the membership would.

That led to looking around online and finding the other museums in the area. Houston has more free museum days than any city I’ve ever researched before. Free Museum days are awesome for checking out places before you commit to membership, if you’re on a budget. We made great use of these in San Diego, and it’s a great strategy especially for unschoolers, whose interests can jump around an awful lot. My calendar is now a technicolor matrix of cool free go-see-this-now days.

Which brings me to google calendars. Cannot live without. I have a separate calendar for our activities; museum days, farmer’s markets, other random activities that the local homeschooling lists alert me to.

Ah yes, the lists. The one thing that homeschooling is, is eclectic. You get book sales and fire station viewings and farm visits and every other thing you can imagine. And since, as a parent, you never ever know what a kid will be interested in, you throw it out there. “Do you want to …?” and rearrange the schedule accordingly.

Now that we’re in Texas, the opportunities are utterly different. Driving to our storage unit yesterday, the kids were thrilled to see horses in a field. HORSES!!!!! came the cry from the back seat. So that naturally led to horseback riding, which led to wanting lessons, which led to another item on the calendar, did I mention the calendar?

We’ve been here a month, and I’m already totally overwhelmed by the possibilities. And that is a beautiful thing.

Rowan and Kestrel at the Butterfly exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science

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  • Just landed in Houston too. Happy to find your blog. It’s nice here. Good compromise if you have to stick around somewhere. See you around.

  • Hi ! Your post has been sent to me as an Unschooling Favorite to be included in the Unschooling Blog Carnival this month! This carnival should be up by the end of the week…but if you haven’t seen it, here’s the link: http://unschoolingblogcarnival.blogspot.com

    Happy Unschooling!

  • Heather:

    Welcome to Texas! I found you’re blog through the Unschooling Blog Carnival. If you get a chance check out the Nasa Space Center homeschool day. It was the first homeschool thing we ever did and was so much fun!

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