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I’m Not Afraid

Aurora has grown up around our dog, Kaia.

Kaia scares strangers, because she looks all feral and wolfy, despite the fact that she’s an elderly marshmallow with fur, and pretty much incapable of aggression to humans. In her nearly 14 years of life, I’ve only ever heard her growl at a person three times. She just doesn’t have it in her.

Aurora is not the least bit intimidated. Big dogs don’t bother her. She thinks Fang, the bull mastiff down the dock, is fabulous. Big? No problem. Little dogs are another story entirely. Miniature poodles, wiener dogs, anything smaller than her, is cause for complete shrieking terror.

I have no idea why.

So when we went to Santa Barbara, I was slightly worried about my friend’s small dog, Chloe. She’s gorgeous and friendly and fluffy and all things delightful in a small dog. You would think that would be OK with Aurora. But not so much. The first two days of our visit were shrieking terror every time the dog got let in. Laura didn’t want to terrorize Aurora, so she was mostly keeping her out, but I didn’t want to torture the dog, so I kept wanting her in. Every time, the shriek, the clinging to the leg. “Mama! Dog! DOOOOOOOG!!!!!!!” and I’d tell her it was OK, I’d pet Chloe right in front of her, let her know it was no big deal. She remained unconvinced.

Until, y’know, we stopped making a deal out of it. I came out of the kitchen to see this:

And now? Now, we are not afraid.

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  • Jon:

    Perhaps some people are put off by Kaia because she looks a little like a wolf, but she is an incredibly sweet and mild-mannered dog.

    Yay for Aurora for overcoming her fear. Maybe she just had to get used to the idea that dogs come in many sizes. I couldn’t help but add a few words to her quote: “Mama! (There’s something wrong with that) Dog! (Something shrank the) DOOOOOOOG!!!!!!!” :)

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