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No, We Don’t Have To

This post, from the inestimably brilliant Sharon Astyk, had me standing on my chair cheering.
No. Just No.

She’s right, of course. We don’t have to. We have ways of fighting back against the doom. We can do this. You can do this. But please, for everyone’s sake, for the sake of mine and yours and ours and theirs… get going. Now.

2 Responses to “No, We Don’t Have To”

  • Jackie:

    I loved the beat of her “mom, tum, tum, mom, tum, tum” throughout the post. All parents can relate if they only read it. As soon as you become a parent, you join this special club wherein you experience identical things as other parents–diapering, worrying, feeding, worrying, guiding, worrying, loving, worrying. If we as parents connected simply there–as mommies and daddies–we could change the world as we know it, the food chain, the economic system, the environment. Religion, politics, race, sexuality become so small in comparison to parenthood. Sharon is awesome–she already has me saving seeds, growing veggies in my city kitchen, and dreaming of the spring when my backyard garden will be my market. I don’t believe the future is carved already–maybe the outline is sketched–but we still have the power to alter the lines.

  • Gerald Celente? The “amazing prophet” who predicted that Bush would lose in ’04? Yes, he is kinda the Nostradamus of our age. Of course, Nostradamus’ “predictions” were all so generic and unspecific you could *interpret* them to mean anything, whereas Celente is just one of those right-wing apocalyptic wackos who spends his time on Faux pseudoNews and the UFO-friendly Coast-to-Coast show spouting endless doomsday predictions and tooting his horn when one of them hits the mark. Hey, a stopped clock is right twice a day, huh?

    Celente predicted increasing American apathy and reduced voter turnout in the years after ’04 and painted a piture of an increasingly pathetic populace. The ’08 turnout was significant and voting was biased toward change and hope. Celente was wrong. Again.

    We control our future and it’s not set in stone or delimited by the rantings of psychotic chiliasts who are hoping for Ragnarok. As a father, I say, “No!” No to paying attention to the rantings of idiots. No to nihilists.

    Yes to life.

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