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Team Hudson is:

Laureen: a writer, a professional editor, a scuba instructor, a beginning sailor, a traveller, and an obsessive researcher. She's a lifelong Californian, which lends a distinctive spin to both her ideas and her politics, and she's discovered, in her peregrinations, that the world is far smaller yet far more fascinating than anyone gives it credit for being.

Jason: a professional rigger, a remodeling contractor with handyman tendencies, a sailor, diver, gamer, hockey player, all-around athlete, and dedicated, hands-on father who gets to act like a kid with his kids so no one looks at him funny any more.

Rowan, Kestrel, and Aurora are the crew; three kids in the School of the World, who keep their parents on their toes.

s/v Excellent Adventure, is a 1991 Lagoon '47, made by Jeanneau, back in the day. She's fast, she's sleek, and she puts up with our learning curve. You couldn't find a better boat anywhere.

We hope you enjoy reading about us!

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Why Me?
I am conversant, current, enthusiastic, and analytical, with a solid dose of skepticism.
I spend a great deal of time writing and editing for Hunt Press. Sometimes I even write on their blog.
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Not Finished Yet: One Family's Quest For A Most Excellent Adventure, by Laureen Hudson, is now open for pre-orders!

Once you have children, your traveling days are over. Right? One night, after the kids had gone to bed, Laureen & Jason Hudson had a long talk. They realized that they had become that which they never wanted to be; people having abandoned the big picture in preference for the paycheck. They realized that if they stayed in the groove they were in for one moment longer, they were going to explode. But how were they going to manage, with children? There's always an answer, if you're open to it. They kept talking. And within the week, they'd put the house on the market, and contacted a broker about buying a boat, a 1991 Lagoon '47. They named her s/v Excellent Adventure. Disconnecting from The System is harder than it sounds; two full years later, they were still crash landing bits of the "suburban dream." Between getting rid of shoreside social, legal, and political entanglements, and getting rid of stuff, it's a big job to completely change the lifestyle of a family of five. So come along and join them on their quest for a most excellent adventure!

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